Serious Head Trauma.

Serious Head Trauma

Still in the mastering phase for my 3rd album, I’m posting some of the new tunes on my soundcloud/kitchenmick page.  The first featured track is also the album’s title track, “Head Trauma.”  Written in the baroque canon style (think Pachabel), it is a single piano line with multiple theme variations on guitar.  There’s intentional Edge-inspired delay on the guitars and even more U2 influence on the short vocal line.  Very atmospheric, though less dark than other material on the album.  Take a listen!

I’ll be posting about other tracks over the coming weeks as I near the release date.

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New mastered tunes from Upcoming Record!.

Kitchen Mick’s new Rock Album.  Listen:


It’s been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been busy trying to master the 11 new tracks from my upcoming album “Head Trauma”.  4 of the tracks have just been posted to soundcloud/kitchenmick, so check them out and let me know what you think.  More to come over the next few weeks.  Take a listen:

Kitchen Mick’s New Tunes

TJR Fall Tour Dates

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TJR Fall Tour Dates.

The Jilly Rizzo Fall Tour 2013 is underway, including an Eastern Washington leg.   Following is the line-up with links to the venues.  FESTIVAL SEATING!  Please:  No Flash Photography.

9/14 Skylark Lounge – West Seattle

9/20 The White Rabbit — Fremont

9/21 New Frontier — Tacoma

10/5 Slim’s Last Chance — Seattle

10/25  Mootsey’s — Spokane

10/26 Emerald of Siam — Richland

11/14 – El Corazone (with The Fleshtones) — Seattle

Summer has finally kicked in hear in the great Pacific Northwest.  Have you put together your ultimate Summer Playlist?  Here’s some suggestions from mine, broken out by the decades:


OutsideInside — The Tubes (1983)

Love Life — Berlin (1984)

Standing Hampton – Sammy Hagar (1982)


School of Fish – School of Fish (1991)

14 Songs  – Paul Westerberg  (1993)

Can You Still Feel — Jason Falkner (1999)


Luce — Luce (2001)

The ’59 Sound — The Gaslight Anthem (2008)

Weezer (Red Album) — Weezer (2008)


Foxy Shazam – Foxy Shazam (2010)

The Spade — Butch Walker & The Black Widows (2011)



My 5th show with The Jilly Rizzo was captured on video — WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!  Just kidding;  I don’t mind.  As usual, I am somewhat hidden in a dark corner.  You can check it out here:

Mother, Juggs & Speed (LIVE)





Last night was my third show with the new band. Actually, I guess the band’s not new — I am.  Anyway, I was able to fly without a net and drop my written chord charts for the dozen+ songs in our set.  No stepping on breaks or bridges.  So that bodes well for tonight’s performance in Tacoma.  But I encountered a problem that is rare for keyboardists (at least in my experience):  I could hear myself.

Most sound guys don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the keys, as in rock bands we’re often second class citizens.  Over the years, I’ve come to adopt the 6/8 rule:  sound check at 6 so they can dial you in at that level, which will be inadequate.  Then when you start playing, dial it up to 8.  You usually still can’t really hear yourself (unless you have a great monitor mix), but the crowd probably can.

On the flip side, I could hear myself.  .  My amp was elevated over the guitar amp behind me, and the sound guy was awesome and knew what he was doing (thank you Sound Guy; you’re a true pro).  Hearing myself completely on top of the band was too much for me, though.  I felt exposed, naked.  Everything I played felt out of the pocket.  I thought about turning down, but the amp was mic’d and I didn’t want to mess with it for fear of dropping too much.  That’s the conundrum.  Don’t get me wrong — my playing was fine.  It just felt strange.

So this is an example of the f’d up shit that goes through my head after performing.  Happily, the band is solid and tight and the songs are great, and that quiets the over-analytic demons in my next-morning-brain.


Addendum to the post above:  Just got off the phone with a friend who was at the show, and he said the mix sounded great.  Once again, the answer to my questions is:  “It’s just you.”

Just got the show dates for June-July with the new band, The Jilli Rizzo:

Hope you can catch one (or more) of these!  For more band info, see: